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7 Self Care Tips For Winter!

Oct 27, 2021

Winter is all about curling up in your warm blanket, relishing a cup of coffee, sunny afternoon picnics and so much more! All this becomes more fun if you’re at the top of your health! So, here are a few simple winter self-care tips that will keep you in good form this winter so that you can make the most of this season.

Wear warm clothes Is it very cold outside? Get your woollens out to keep yourself warm. Woollen and flannel-based clothes can keep you warm and prevent you from catching a cold. If you are travelling, then carry an extra jacket/shrug/cardigan and a woollen cap with you so that you can slip into them if the temperature drops.

Start the day with this brew What should be the first thing you should do on winter mornings? Make yourself a cup of cinnamon and honey tea. Simply boil some water and let a cinnamon stick soak in it. Then pour the fluid into a glass (use a strainer). Take a spoonful of organic honey and mix it into the liquid.

It has these health benefits-
• Boosts immunity so that you don’t catch a cold.
• Keeps your heart healthy.
• Keeps your blood sugar and pressure steady.
• Provides you with energy throughout the day.

Draw yourself a warm bath Does the thought of taking a shower on a cold winter morning seem unpleasant? A warm bath is a good way to stay in good shape this winter. Warm showers in winter will instantly make your immunity stronger. Your body will be able to fight off germs and viruses that cause sore throat and cough. A warm bath will also strengthen your heart. The steam rising from warm water clears your airways and lungs. This relieves the symptoms of respiratory problems such as a common cold.

Exercise daily Exercise more this winter to build stronger muscles and keep your body warm. When you work out in winters, your body burns more calories than usual to generate heat and make the body warm. This means you can lose fat and any excess weight in a short time.


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